Pizza and wine, you can’t go wrong (sometimes you just need to)


Pizza is not just a dish, it is a symbol.

The new identity of an ancient dish

Comfort food par excellence, Italian ambassador all over the world, timeless diva and new social star, pizza is a world unto itself. Like every universe it has its own rules, but as you know, the rules are meant to be broken.

And therefore wide to experimentation, inventions and above all imagination: from gourmet to sustainable pizza, from new trends in terms of tastes to the use of special flours, from its ancient identity of street food to full entry into the world of starred restaurants, perhaps deconstructed or reinvented in shape.

Facing such a vast gastronomic panorama, even the historical pairing with a classic pale ale will be outdated, or at least limited. Depending on the chosen pizza type and topping, we can range from many types of beers … or wine.

Sure, because the perfect enological pairings are as many as the number of flavors and types of pizza.


The most natural pairing, and redemeed by now, is the one with a white or, even better, rose sparkling wine, which marries perfectly with the acidity of tomato in the most classic versions. This is the main pairing for the timeless margherita pizza, also thanks to the balance between the bubble and the ever-present mozzarella.

On the other hand, according to the seasoning on the pizza itself, we can venture more innovative pairings, such as a still white wine, even aromatic, in cthe event of vegetables or mushrooms. Or even a medium-bodied still red wine for more flavor savory and complex ingredients, meat or cheeses, perhaps on white pizzas where the latter are the protagonists.

The unexpected

Why, finally, do not pair a Lambrusco? Its bubble and characteristic freshness make it suitable for most types, as well as its full flavor and not overwhelming taste, for an unusual and innovative vision of two Italian food excellences that have always been able to re-invent their image.

Which, this time, they decide to do it together.