Time to time, wine to wine

Where the human and nature rhythms blend together: the wine.

In the year where time seems to stand still, something new was created in Casa Ceci: the Ceci 1938 line of sparkling wines which bears a name as evocative as its appearance.

Year 1938, the year of its foundation, defines us in history, “temporalizes” and puts us in that flow that has supported us for nearly a century. And on the other hand what does the wine do, it flows?

The round label with silvery reflections brings to mind an ancient chronograph, as if to suggest the eternal blend of past and future. Its shape itself recalls the circularity of time.

Time, an impalpable concept but always present, so cyclical in nature’s constant rhythm: the annual history of grapes, each time the same and different. Is there ever a grape harvest that is the same as another?

And the man’s amazing commitment, to which, for ages, he meekly gives in to respect this cycle, to adjust himself, to have the knowledge that he can only act to modify it, but never completely change it.

Wine itself teaches the man to wait, not to be in a hurry, to enjoy at every stage of life.

Yet this inevitability of working with a nature living matter makes the wine fascinating. Almost as if it were the very symbol of two rhythms that merge and build step by step the splendid story of winemaking.

And every time we open a bottle we are still celebrating the time. The past, the history, the life of that grape and the path to become wine. Almost as if that act became motionless, enclosed and understood in an eternal moment which always recurs.

But for us, cyclical time is really about our family.

If we stop to observe the generations that follow one another, we always find the same strength that drives us to create and invent, the same drive to go further, and the same bond with our roots.

Our time, Ceci’s time, round, bright and silvery like a chronograph.