Welcome to casa Ceci

In 1938, our grandfather Otello Ceci managed one of the most renowned trattorias in the lower part of the Po Valley, just outside of Parma. Here, enjoying the typical dishes of the Parmesan tradition, diners tasted the famous Lambrusco that Otello produced from the best grapes of local producers.

His sons, Bruno and Giovanni, were the first ones to sense that this Lambrusco deserved great success: it was during the roaring 60s that the tavern was transformed into a cellar.

Today, his grandchildren Alessandro, Maria Teresa, Maria Paola, Elisa and Chiara run a family company in its spirit, but that exports wine all over the world, helping to define a new standard for the recognition of Lambrusco.

Big steps in the market

First with Terre Verdiane and then with Otello Ceci, we have conquered the national and international markets with a smile and delight of the best Lambrusco.

Our strength comes from keeping the atmosphere of our grandfather Otello’s trattoria alive, and living every moment with the authentic character of this land: optimism, conviviality, living well.

Our history

Otello CeciOtello Ceci, tavern keeper of the Bassa Parmense, serves the most traditional and typical wine of the area together with his dishes: Lambrusco. He soon decides to dedicate himself exclusively to the production of wine and founded Cantine Ceci.
Bruno and GiovanniBruno and Giovanni, Otello's sons, who expanded and consolidated the company in the 1960s, outlining an ever more precise identity, which would lead it to be known and valued more and more on a large scale for the entire next two decades.
Terre VerdianeOur best traditional Lambrusco takes the name of "Terre Verdiane" and identifies our territory and our culture. This name and a revolutionary packaging have made Ceci 1938 known all over the world.
Alessandro, Maria Paola, Elisa, Chiara and Maria TeresaAlessandro, Maria Paola, Elisa, Chiara and Maria Teresa, are Otello's grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are continuing their journey today in a family but more and more extensive and structured reality.
Otello CeciOtello Ceci nero di Lambrusco is created, with its intense bouquet of blackberry and violet. Instinctively suitable for any pairing, it becomes a premium product and in gold colours to tell the whole class of the most typical Emilia, interpreter of the revolution that has made the whole world grown to love Lambrusco.
OTELLON’ICELambrusco becomes a sparkling wine and OTELLON'ICE came to life. For a moment it breaks with the usual to be a very modern, exclusive, refined and elegant product. Served on ice, it becomes an aperitif, emphasising its idea of conviviality, availability and open to the general public.
BRUNOOn the occasion of our Eightieth birthday, going through our memories, we found the wine cellar log where Bruno Ceci noted down the wine-making and fermentations to create the Lambrusco that he produced in the Sixties. Hence the idea of re-proposing it now, in a new look but with the same essence.
OTELLO CECI 80 For the 80th anniversary of the Company's foundation, ten illustrators have interpreted the last eight decades of history and thus created a limited edition of eighty works by Otello Ceci NerodiLambrusco. To these we also added the precious commemorative limited edition. The best way to tell the history of Cantine Ceci and that of everyone.
Ceci1938The Ceci1938 brand is created, able to represent today an innovative company, tirelessly experimenting, a contemporary fashion winery in all respects, respecting its solid roots, made of people, memories and territory of origin.