“For The Future” is Cantine Ceci’s innovative Sustainability Project that combines a passion for quality winemaking with a real commitment to sustainable production. By introducing a new elegant, fully recyclable aluminum bottle with a mushroom cork, Cantine Ceci is launching a new era in the wine world, combining avant-garde design with greener practices.



Aluminum is fully recyclable without losing quality. Recycled aluminum retains the same characteristics as virgin raw material.
According to the International Aluminum Institute, recycling aluminum requires up to 95% less energy than producing it from the primary metal.
The more aluminum is collected, sorted, and reintroduced into the market the more it contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to emissions from primary aluminum production.
According to the results of the annual assembly held in Milan by the National Consortium for Aluminum Packaging (Cial), 73.6% of aluminum packaging placed on the market in Italy, equivalent to 60,200 tons, was recycled in 2022.

It protects the wine from light and preserves it perfectly over time

Aluminum provides a total barrier to light, gases, and moisture. Therefore, allowing for the preservation of products for long periods; is ideal for preserving the quality of wine and reducing waste.


It cools down quickly

The higher thermal conductivity of aluminum provides faster and more efficient heat transfer than glass and rapid cooling results in tangible energy savings. Our wine in the aluminum bottle goes from 20° to 7 ° C in 5 minutes in an ice bucket.

You can take it anywhere because it is safe and unbreakable

Being unbreakable makes the bottle safer and helps reduce food waste at all stages of its life, from packaging to consumption, for this reason then it is also ideal to use outdoors where glass containers are dangerous or prohibited.


It is very light and takes up less space than a traditional bottle

The lightweight and reduced package volume results in obvious savings on transportation and storage with considerable energy savings. This empty bottle weighs only 96g.

A genuine commitment

We believe that our company’s growth should be guided by a responsible vision, taking into account the well-being of our planet. We have decided to adopt more sustainable business practices to reduce our environmental impact over time. We look ahead with confidence, aware that every effort in this direction can have a significant impact on future generations.