Spring and white wine bubbles…

Life is reborn, bubbly like a wine glass

Nothing more than the passing of the seasons evokes in our mind the relentless rhythm of time and its cyclical nature. And in spring, it’s as if the light and the clear sky are throwing this feeling of rebirth and blooming towards us, clearly, even more.

Small and enraptured in the contemplation of a colourful and bright nature, we enjoy an unusual sense of lightness and fullness at the same time: despite all the unexpected events, thoughts, commitments, life continues to bloom undaunted, in the powerful gentleness of each flower.

We need this, a better state of mind, a sense of relief, as if a tiny bubble took us away.

If we think of all this, nothing seems more suitable than toasting with a white sparkling wine, a sparkling light-reflecting, a fine and persistent perlage and an aroma, like our spring, delicate but complex.

CECI 1938 Sparkling Wines seem to be made on purpose.

In the first place there are two – this duality that always comes back, the two keys to interpreting the same concept.

As much one is clear, smooth, essential even in its complexity, as the other is aromatic, full-bodied, exuberant.

On the other hand, the first, brut, is an elegant pairing of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, whereas the second, extra dry, is an intriguing blend of Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon and Malvasia di Candia.

Both share the refinement of the metallic look, a row of inlays that capture and reflect light, where one is the opposite of the other. Both have a precise and elegant engraving, the recall of an ancient chronograph.

And here, again, the time, here again its cyclical nature.

But it is a light, twinkly, optimistic cyclical nature.

It recalls the passing of time of which we are a part of, thanks to our actions and our well-being, thanks to small daily gestures – the clinking of glasses, letting the light reflect, savouring a rich and hearty sip to share together.

Letting spring flow, fitting into time, simply living.