Wine and the web: tasting is social

Small digital glossary of winemaking terms

The millenary tradition comes ever closer to contemporary innovation and finds new ways to communicate.

If the majority of the winemakers, not only Italians, still appear to be tied to more classical methods, or to a philosophy of their work which adopts a lot from tradition, others are the leading sectors in the communication of a product known to all, but still mysterious in its most hidden nuances.

By now we have noticed that: everyone is interested in wine.

Thanks to the many courses and in-depth studies, and an entire online world which invites to the knowledge of the matter, the desire to know more and to unravel the complex world of the infinite labels, varieties, types is growing.

To adapt

It’s known, the adaptability is ours, the gimmick is ours. Wine experts, most of them sommeliers, have adapted to this trend becoming wine bloggers, influencers, professionals capable of making their expertise a real new job and of accompanying users in their journey to discover wine. However, not necessarily, experts in the sector: even enthusiasts and gourmets.

And so, to better understand these new phenomena, and to be able to make full use of tools which, exploited correctly, could be useful to all of us, here’s an all-important glossary for a deeply multifaceted topic.

Wine blogger: is an author of a wine-themed blog, writes and communicates through text and images with a personal and subjective style.

A wine influencer: is a person able to influence the opinion and behavior of many others about the consumption and choice of wines.

Podcast: is a radio broadcast dedicated to specific topics, in this case, wine, in a popular or more detailed way.

Digital entrepreneur: someone who establishes an online business, and at the same time a virtual and real job.

Wine stories: the wine story, with multiple implications: particularly current, is the practice of storytelling, telling stories and conveying the emotions which are the basis of our relationship with wine.

What are the wine influencers talking about?

In most cases, the style is very personal. They tell each other, they share moments of their lives because being on social media is exposing yourself, being part of a real community, where expressing yourself is the first rule. And they are as different as people are. From the serious and polite professional in uniform to the pleasure-loving viveur, from those who put their face in every photo to those who let the bottles do the talking, also this world is varied and multifaceted.

Are they competent?

The majority of the most followed are. They are people who usually have training or experience in the wine field as well as in the field of communication. The subjective style they give to their work allows the user to approach the topic differently from his or her own point of view. Just find the right one for us!