Many Otellos in one

The name of our most famous product embodies a rich and fascinating history. Or a long and fascinating future.

From Shakespeare to Verdi

In the collective imagination, Otello is first of all the famous character of Verdi’s opera and, even earlier, of Shakespeare. An emblematic and immortal character, it acquires further fame thanks to Giuseppe Verdi, to whom we have always felt intimately connected. Perhaps, a question of origin. Or spirit. We have made him our image for years, and we have inspired the names of some wines to him and to the lands that we so proudly share.

Otello Ceci

But there is a meaning of this name that is a priority for us: in fact Otello is the founder of the Winery and of a dream; what he has been able to pass on to children and grandchildren up to the third generation – for now. In 1938, in a plain made of fog, product authenticity and people and excellent food, it was Otello with his wife Teresa who managed a warm and familiar tavern, with intense and evocative flavours. Lambrusco is still served in ceramic cups, according to the tradition, and seams perfect to balance the irresistible local tripe. Otello, who saw the potential of this wine, when a poor and popular product appears everywhere, decides to take a step further. And it is precisely this know how to look beyond that will become the key to his family’s success; this sense of daring, of looking into the future.

Otello decides to start producing wine. Soon his children will accompany him, the Winery will grow and the grandchildren will be along, and then the great-grandchildren.

Lambrusco Otello Ceci

The choice of giving  his name to our famous Lambrusco  is therefore spontaneous: how else could it have been called? It encloses the past, history and innovation, it contains our spirit which, without Otello Ceci, would not have had the opportunity to express itself.

A name which encloses a lot, a game on words that hides a world. And now, when you drink it, you will feel it.