Summer wine

Against all clichés, wine is also a summer drink. Just choose the right one

Summer wine? Why not!

In the collective imagination, wine finds its best expression together with winter dishes, and its alcohol content makes it more suitable for a cold season in which it can warm our stomach and soul.

In the summer season, lighter and more immediate products such as beers or soft drinks are the masters, to the detriment of a product that has nothing to envy them in terms of usability and easy drinking.

For those who now feel like drinking it as a cocktail or serving it with fresh and light food, just choose the right one for every occasion – or temperature.

Here are some fresh and fragrant tips …

A fruit-based dessert, a fresh parfait, a tasting cheesecake? Let’s keep a low alcohol content and choose a Fortanina served at 6-8 degrees, it will surprise our guests for whom it will probably be an interesting discovery (ancient native vine of Emilia, it’ s little known in the rest of Italy) and it will unite past and present in a single glass.

White summer wine

Summer is the realm of white wines let’s make way for sparkling wines, capable to enhance a cocktail as well as to accompany us during the whole meal. Never have we loved a fresh sip, and we’re spoiled for choice. This will be the time for a complex and elegant Ceci 1938 Extra Dry sparkling wine, perhaps drinking it standing up by the pool, between finger food and another…

Rosé summer wine

Rooftop on the sea and fish-based dinner? Let’s go back to the timeless notes of Otello 1813 Rosé, versatile and wonderful – indescribable colour -, which will be able to counterpart a grilled squid or the daily fish soup.

Red summer wine

It happens to hear people say that red wine is not suitable for the summer: it depends on the pairing and on the red wine.

If we chilled, a few hours before the meal, a bottle of Otello Ceci 1813 NerodiLambrusco, its freshest and immediate notes will emerge and be perfect to serve it together with an aromatic beef tartare and parmesan cheese flakes during dinner with friends.

If instead we will have opted for a Lambrusco Amabile 1813 Terre Verdiane, it will be perfect for those summer gatherings with a taste of childhood and simplicity, maybe based on fried cake and Italian cured meats. Those who do not know this phenomenal dish are invited to the province of Parma (or, in different versions, throughout Emilia) to try it…