Lambrusco is fashion!

True, but why is Lambrusco fashion?

The history of Lambrusco wine is completely unique: young in the soul and in the imagination of Italians and thousand years old in its origin. It has a multiple and versatile personality.

Loved by many, and a must on the most varied tables, it knows how to impose its own well-defined character while adapting to any situation: as if to underline its ability to change while remaining itself. And it shares the same destiny as an elegant tailored garment able to reinvent itself through the times: true fashion that never goes out of style. This is the philosophy that guides us when we design and produce our wines.

But Lambrusco is also fashion because it follows the trends and changes its looks. It is not afraid of presenting itself with a new detail and becoming contemporary: never going out of style.

And again, it is a luxury accessory: a Lambrusco Otello Ceci always knows how to embellish a table and complete a look, with a surprising pret-à-porter elegance.

And how fashion knows how to give life, colour and joy: it always brings a smile to tables and hearts.