OOtello Italia Spumante - Cantine Ceci

Otello Italia Spumante

Excellent as an aperitif and equally suited to accompany delicate charcuterie dishes and raw fish and raw meat.
Production process:The must for this wine is racked and separated from the solids just one hour after being softly pressed.
Fermentation is carried out in temperature-controlled vats.
Natural clarification takes places as the wine stabilizes through December and January, thus removing any impurities.
The base wine is then aged in French barriques and the second fermentation is provoked naturally thanks to the sugar already present in grape must that is reserved when the grapes are first pressed.

Why "Italia"?
This is a limited-edition wine dedicated to Italy during the year it hosted the World's Fair (EXPO).
"Otello Eccellenza Italiana" (Otello Italian Excellence) is one of the world's most beloved brands.
Thanks to a partnership with one of the greatest street artists working in the world today, Flavio Kampah, we have shared a positive and noble message with the world.
The most widely known Italian word in the world is… No! "Italy is the great beauty."

This product is a LIMITED EDITION and is no longer on the market .


Sparkling white wine


alcohol content 11,5% Vol

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature 6°/7° C


denomination Sparkling Brut




product packaging 0.75l

codice prodotto

code N-40

Analytical data submitted are intended as a product average


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