Birra Ceci 1938 Argento - Cantine Ceci

Birra Ceci 1938 Argento

An unfiltered, unpasteurized beer from the Ceci family, double-fermented in bottle.

Recommended pairings: combination with starters, non processed main courses, fresh cow’s milk cheeses, it goes well with roasts or tasty white meat or vegetable soups, even if taken as an aperitif it gives the best of itself.

For the recipe of this beer we chose a personal mixture of European malts, which allows the beer to have a full body and simultaneously to be highly drinkable. The characteristic of the hops melting pot, mainly because it releases decisive sensations clotted and fresh and, typical of the American hops we use.
After bottling the second fermentation in the bottle follows, until the yeast has led to the maturation period, giving good froth and effervescence. The result is a natural sediment on the bottom of the bottle.




alcohol content
5% Vol

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature
8°/10° C


Golden yellow, intensely colored but clear.


Nuanced, intense aromas of chestnut honey, elderberry, banana, pineapple, and hops.

codice prodotto

Balanced, fresh, and approachable, with a subtle but vibrant note of bitterness.

codice prodotto


Analytical data submitted are intended as a product average


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