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Otello Cantine Ceci
Premi Otelleo Cantine Ceci


linea Otello Cantine Ceci

The fruit of our tireless quest to create the best Lambrusco possible and to share the wonderful world that comes with it.
No label could better represent its essence. None of the many awards it wins could trump the affection and passion that surrounds it.

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Terre verdiane cantine ceci
Terre Verdiane Cantine Ceci

Terre Verdiane

Terre Verdiane line

The splendid products of our land elevated to the nth degree. From the first sip, these wines evoke the flavors of our traditions and everything that's genuine, earnest, and noble.

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Decanta cantine ceci


Decanta Cantine Ceci

The unmistakable bottle that turns into a decanter so that our still wines can be poured at the perfect angle to reveal their aromas and flavors.

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To You cantine ceci

To You

To You Cantine Ceci

This wine is a precious gift given by the land to those who taste it. And so why not accompany that gift with a present of our own that makes every bottle unique?

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Birra Ceci cantine ceci


Birra Ceci Cantine Ceci

Grown in hillside vineyards with a yield of 8.000 kg per hectare, the grapes are harvested by hand using crates that contain up to 18 kg of fruit. The bunches are chilled while still whole and then are soft-pressed

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Birra Ceci cantine ceci

Birra Ceci

Birra Ceci Cantine Ceci

Six special beers made using our Lambrusco's distinctive yeasts, each different from one another. A break from the beaten path as we never stop exploring, experimenting, and creating.

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Desdemona cantine ceci


Desdemona Cantine Ceci

The beautiful and innocent wife of Verdi's Othello and the ideal counterpart. This wine just had to be an elegant sparkling white. Composed, refined, and pure.

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Arturo's' cantine ceci


Arturo's Cantine Ceci

Music in Parma also means Arturo Toscanini. And our top still red wine bears his name. It's strong, sincere, and earnest like him and its surprising balance never fails to impress.

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Terre dei farnese cantine ceci

Terre dei Farnese

Terre dei farnese Ceci

The royal city has never lost its innate elegance. You can see it shine in this line of elegant, polished wines that express its essence with their balance and refinement.

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Collezione maria luigia cantine ceci

Collezione Maria Luigia

maria luigi Ceci

Maria Luigia gave so much to Parma. And Parma gave her the rich, deep aromas of her flowers, which these wines continue to evoke.

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Casanova cantine ceci


Casanova Ceci

Wines that charm and seduce with Emilia's classic rich flavors and unmistakable aromas.

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Corti della duchessa cantine ceci

Corti della Duchessa

Corti della duchessa Ceci

There's a little bit of the Duchess in all of us. And you will also find a little bit of us and our history and origins in these wines, which couldn't make us more proud.

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Proust cantine ceci

Marcel Proust

Proust Ceci

This is the wine that the writer loved and remembered from his visit to Parma. Dark in color and rich in flavor with intense violet aromas.

Antica cantina ceci

La Luna

Antica cantina ceci

The most wonderful thing that we have is our origins. It's our strength and you can taste its rustic, convivial, and rich flavors in this wine just as you could 100 years ago.

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Antica cantina ceci

Antica Cantina Ceci

Antica cantina ceci

The most wonderful thing that we have is our origins. It's our strength and you can taste its rustic, convivial, and rich flavors in this wine just as you could 100 years ago.

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