Birra Ceci 1938 Blue J - Cantine Ceci

Birra Ceci 1938 Blue J

From an idea of the Ceci family, an unfiltered beer, unpasteurized, fermented in the bottle.
It goes perfectly with appetizers and fresh dishes, seafood, tempura and is perfect with traditional Italian pizzas.

PRODUCTION PROCESS: It is a beer with an original recipe, which combines the use of selected Italian spelt with wheat beers tradition.
Made by a “pilsner malt” base, adding raw spelt must. “Carlsbergensis yeasts” were selected to emanate floral and yellow fruits notes.
Fermented and matured at cold temperature it is not filtered nor pasteurized. After bottling is refermented and matured in bottle to get a gentle and natural sparkling of the product.




alcohol content
5,1% Vol

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature
6°/8° C


Golden yellow opalescent

codice prodotto


codice prodotto

delicate citrus and yellow fruits notes, with raw cereals overtones


on the palate confirms to be an easy beer to drink with yellow summer fruits notes. White and creamy froth. Soft sparkling, almost silky

Analytical data submitted are intended as a product average


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