Birra Ceci 1938 P.d.Poule - Cantine Ceci

Birra Ceci 1938 P.d.Poule

An unfiltered, unpasteurized beer from the Ceci family, double-fermented in bottle.

Suggested pairing: Second courses like pork dishes, polenta with rich toppings, aged cheeses and smoked charcuterie. An excellent pairing for classic Parma cuisine.

Production Process: Pied de Poul is made from pure barley malt and its must is produced in the brewing room using the traditional infusion mash method.
Hopping takes place using aromatic hops in numerous phases during brewing:
During the boiling of must and during dry-hopping during the long period of temperature-controlled aging in the fermenters.
In order to increase the aromatic character of the beer, the yeasts are used during high temperature fermentation between 22-24° C.
When fermentation has been completed, the beer is cooled in order to remove unnecessary yeasts.
The beer is then bottled without being filtered or pasteurized.
The yeasts still present in the beer continue to ferment in the bottle, thus creating a light, natural fizziness.




alcohol content

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature
8°/10° C


Intense golden yellow, naturally hazy.

codice prodotto


codice prodotto

Classic fruity character thanks to aromatic American hops, with notes of honey and malt.


Full-bodied; initially dominated by the fresh herbaceous flavors of the hops which then give way to the sweetness of the malt accompanied by a healthy and balanced bitterness. Long, lingering finish with an aftertaste of honey and malt.

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