Birra Ceci 1938 Camou - Cantine Ceci

Birra Ceci 1938 Camou

Recommended pairings: Rich first courses, risotto, whole wheat pasta, ravioli with rich filling.
Rich second courses with aromatic herbs. Roast or grilled white meats, aged hard cheeses and goat cheeses. Winter and coffee-flavored pastries.

Production process: The blend of grains used to make this beer includes European malts as well as Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, one of the most coveted Italian varieties.
The latter is added raw so that it will impart marked aromatic character to the beer and increase the final-product's food-friendly character.
The first fermentation is carried out at high temperature, around 32° C., during the winter months of November and December, as per the centuries-old tradition of Saison beer production.
The resulting product is rich in structure with a wonderful easy-drinking quality.
Fermentation is completed in the bottle in a Belgian-style "warm room" where the beer is stored for about a month.




alcohol content
5,9% Vol

temperatura di servizio

service temperature
8°/10° C


Hazy golden yellow.


Medium-bodied and fresh, dry and balanced on the palate. The smooth flavors of the malts is perfectly balanced by deft use of hops that give this beer a wonderful easy-drinking character.

codice prodotto

Floral and herbaceous with delightful notes of malt and yeast.

codice prodotto


Analytical data submitted are intended as a product average


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