Spumante 3 - Cantine Ceci

Spumante Tre di Terre Verdiane

Three like a Trio from the land of Verdi: Piano, harp, and violin, the perfect combination for unrivaled harmony. Three like a Trio from the land of Verdi: Elegance, character, and refinement, three musicians for an extraordinary melody.

Using the ancient Martinotti method for the production of sparkling wine, Terre Verdiane Spumante 3 is crafted using only the best aromatic grapes from our land.

Extraordinary floral notes of roses and hawthorn on the nose give way to fruity flourishes of apple and peach. On the mouth, the wine delivers confident freshness as it gives life to a nuanced balance or rich flavor and the wine's smooth finish. Excellent as an aperitif wine but also an ideal pairing for delicate charcuterie and fish dishes.


Sparkling white wine


alcohol content 12% Vol

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature 6°/8° C


denomination Extra Dry Sparkling Wine




product packaging 0.75l

codice prodotto

code A-8


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