is a word we use in Parma for "children." It's a sweet and affectionate word that adults use for the children they love.
It's the word that our grandfather Otello used to call his sons Bruno and Giovanni who followed in his footsteps as winemakers.
And just like a , this wine is easy to love.


Its aromas are intense, fruity, and fragrant. And its silky flavor lingers on the palate

It's made using grapes from a single harvest and each vintage has its own unique character and qualities.

Both versions of Náni are made from 100 percent Chardonnay grapes using the Martinotti method of sparkling wine production, which guarantees the quality, complexity, and remarkable balance of the wine.

The bottle is transparent and adds stylistic flair to the wine. The clear bottle lets us see its fine color before you even taste it (and it reminds you to keep the bottle out of the light).

is made in two versions:
Brut and Extra Dry.
The label is elegant but simple and it evokes
the vibrant color and fresh aromas of the great wine in the bottle.

And the wine is presented in a handsome box that opens
up to reveal the precious, wonderful jewel that it contains inside.

On the nose, opens with notes of white peace, golden apple, citrus, and delicate berries with just a touch of brioche in the finish.
On the palate, the wine is mineral in flavor with balanced acidity, fruit, and citrus flavors.
The Brut is an excellent pairing for Parmigiano Reggiano and classic Parma salumi while the
Extra Dry is great with fish and shellfish dishes, including crudo.


It makes for an entirely unique gift that can be personalized and customized.
After all, it's your .


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