Malvasia dolce - Cantine Ceci


This is a wine made from aromatic Malvasia di Candia grapes, with rich aromas and bold flavors. It's one of our favorite food-friendly wines to serve at home. What could be more bubbly, delicious, and colorful than the music of the great maestro Giuseppe Verdi? He was born and grew up here in this enchanted land. And his characters live through the explosive energy that only the food and wines of this land can deliver. We couldn't be more thrilled to share the power of the most famous Italian musician in the world through this Malvasia Terre Verdiane. According to legend, Carlo Verdi used a glass of this elegant wine to make a toast after his son Giuseppe was born on that magical Sunday evening, October 10, 1813. This wine stands apart still today as an expression of the immortal, lively traditions of the people who have lived here for centuries.


Intense straw yellow with notes of gold


Intense notes of ripe yellow fruit are followed by dried apricot and pineapple and splendid hints of honey. Delicate with delightful minerality.


In the mouth, this wine is warm and smooth, with the same flavors that evoke the same rich fruit notes promised by the nose.


suggested pairings
This wine is excellent with dried tortes from the Emilian tradition, like fruit pies and traditional Duchessa (hazelnut) and sbrisolona (almond) cakes.

Technical data sheet


Sweet semisparkling wine


 Malvasia Emilia I.G.T.


grape variety
Malvasia di Candia


alcohol content
7,5% Vol

residuo zuccherino

residual sugar
63 grams/liter

acidità totale

total acidity
6.5 grams/liter

temperatura di servizio

serving temperature
7°/9° C



codice prodotto


Analytical data submitted are intended as a product average


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